Video Review Of Day 1 Rehearsals at Eurovision 2014

Sweden, Armenia and Latvia at Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals Day 1. Photo : YouTube and Wikipedia

Sweden, Armenia and Latvia at Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals Day 1. Photo : YouTube and Wikipedia

Day one of rehearsals have taken place and we have reviewed the first 10 songs that were rehearsed from Semi Final 1 for Eurovision 2014. Joining us today for our reviews were Ewan Spence from and David Elder from The Scotsman. We take you through the shark infested waters of Eurovision 2014 – literally!


Review 1 – Armenia, Latvia and Estonia

Latvia is our surprising favourite


Review 2 – Sweden, Iceland, Albania and Russia

We had some disagreements on Sweden yet were universally agreed on the Russian Fiasco.


Review 3 – Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belgium

We were in some disagreement of the final 3 songs of the day but they certainly gave us food for thought especially as our camera man John Stanton was on his hands and knees in gravel all in the name of Eurovision.


So there you have our video guide to Day One’s rehearsals. Incase you have not read our full reviews of the songs then you can do so HERE. In that article you will also get video clips from the performances.

Let us know if you agree with our opinions on the songs?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. what do you think about ukrainian girl? Yesterday she showed good choreography, I think. This dancer with giant wheel really made perfomance more interesting. Mariya’s chances rising after 1st rehearsal – now she can be more confident in her triumph

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