POLL UPDATE : You Say Armenia Will Win Semi Final 1

Your Vote Counts at Eurovision. Photo : Wikipedia

Your Vote Counts at Eurovision. Photo : Wikipedia

Our Big Polls (size matters) has you voting in your thousands. You say that Armenia will win Semi Final 1 comfortably but who else do you think will qualify from the first Semi Final on Tuesday May 6th.


Results as of April 14th


Armenia   36%  
Hungary   23%  
Ukraine   6%  
Azerbaijan   5%  
Montenegro   5%  
Sweden   5%  
Estonia   5%  
Moldova   4%  
Russia   3%  
Albania   2%  
The Netherlands   1%  
Belgium   1%  
Portugal   1%  
San Marino   1%  
Iceland   1%


If this was the actual result in the Semi Final then the ten songs qualifying for the Grand Final would be Armenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Sweden, Estonia, Moldova, Russia and Albania. The surprise result would be Belgium not making the Final. Is this another Kate Ryan in the making?


#JoinUs and share the fun and the poll with your friends. We will close the poll on Tuesday May 6th just before the actual Semi Final and see just how good you predicted the qualifiers.


Can anyone catch Aram MP3?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I think that the top 6 there are definites – likewise I think that Iceland, Albania, Portugal and The Netherlands are not going to qualify.

    For me Belgium and Russia are too low down and will get there too – that leaves two out of Estonia, Moldova and San Marino to go through too…

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