Who we would like to see Represent Australia at Eurovision 2014

Who we would like to see at Eurovision 2014 for Australia. Photo : Wikipedia

Who we would like to see at Eurovision 2014 for Australia. Photo : Wikipedia

Keeping up with the Jones’ doesn’t come close to it. Last year Sweden gave us a male kissing couple – this year Denmark will let anyone and everyone be taken up the aisle (marriage that is) at Eurovision. Last year Sweden gave SBS ( Australian National Broadcaster) a “G’day Video” while DR have announced that SBS will be allowed to take to the stage live as the interval act in Semi Final 2 on May 8th

So this got us thinking – If I was an Executive at SBS who and what might I bring to our Eurovision début?


Well there have been a few famous Aussies at the contest over the years. Olivia Newton John represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision in 1974 with “Long Live Love”. Thankfully the world forgave Olivia for her “Fashion Faux Pas” (my parents had a duvet cover similar to Newton-John’s dress –  The best contraception they ever had) but we still loves “Long Live Love” and it placed Joint fourth.


The UK has strong links to Australia – they sent their convicted criminals there for many a year – but then Australia started to export them back again. Fast forward to 1996 and a knockout bombshell that seemed to have made most of her dress disappear, bounced her way to the Top 10 at Eurovision and went on to have a massive #1 single. “Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit” from Gina G continued the Australian love affair with Eurovision.


A little trivia for you  – but Aussies so far performed in the dreaded #2 slot at Eurovision and didn’t win despite being one of the favourites – and they say running order has no impact on the result 😉


However one Aussie changed their luck altogether. Now we are only lending him out for the purpose of this article – you hear that SBS – because we will come looking for our man back. Yes Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard is the epitome of Eurovision and was born in Frankston, Victoria, Australia. Oh yes for many of the new generation of Eurovision fans, Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard is better known as Johnny Logan aka Mister Eurovision. Born in Australia yet was raised in Ireland, he has won the contest no fewer than 3 times and had it not been for those gold booted “Herreys” it would have been 4 times! 1980 he was the singer of “What’s Another Year”, 1987 he was singer and song writer of “Hold Me Now” and in 1992 he was the song writer of “Why Me?”

Well as we said – Johnny is like a priceless ancient artifact that the National Irish Museum will lend out to Australia for this one time only. Now that in itself would give SBS a very handsome trio for an Interval Act at Eurovision. “But we don’t want to give you that!” We want to think further out of the box “Especially For You”. When someone says Australia you think of “The Barbie” (not Aqua as they thankfully already had their Eurovision moment), Castelmaine XXXX (that no Australian has ever heard of) and that pint-sized Pop Princess that has had a string of hits, countless plunging neck line dresses and is a judge on TV hit shows. Yes Danni Minogue – JOKING. We wanted to give Danni a quick shout out from behind her sister’s shadow – Of course we mean Kylie!


Why Kylie should be the first choice for SBS?


Ok the Queen of Camp is just made for an OTT performance at Eurovision. If you’ve been fortunate to have seen Kylie live in concert then you will know that she can bring her own feathers that would make every ostrich shake in fear of being plucked to death, she has more costume reveals in one song than “Making Your Mind Up” and “I Wanna” put together and more hot male dancers than anything Ani Lorak or Helena Paparizou can throw at you!

Let’s face it she loves a bit of Abba and they love her in return. Remember this Olympic Winning performance of “Dancing Queen” in 2000. Come on she must know the words to “Waterloo” too! Remember “When All is Said And Done” Benny had to have Kylie perform at the Abba Tribute Concert in London back in 2009.


Add to this the fact that you have Eurovision Diva’s like Anna Vissi lining up to cover Kylie’s songs. I give you my Lords and Ladies “On A Night Like This” the Kylie/Vissi Virtual Duet!


If SBS truly wanted to go OTT then we suggest that they get Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson to join Kylie on Stage at Eurovision. If anything was to tempt Dame Edna Everage out of retirement then it could only be Eurovision. If you can put a smile on the future King of England then you know you are on to a winner at Eurovision.

We will probably get a Eurovision Sing off between “Neighbours” and “Home and Away” – BONZA!

If I was an SBS executive I would be getting the Minogue/Everage line up into rehearsal!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Hope you guys are not serious, we are talking about KYLIE. A global superstar for more then 27 years, are do you live in an another universe?

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