Eurovision 2014

PORTUGAL : LIVE ROLLING BLOG Of Eurovision National Final – #JoinUs at 23:15 (CET)

Festival da cancao. Photo : RTP

Festival da cancao. Photo : RTP

Welcome to our LIVE rolling Blog of the Portuguese National Final that begins at 23:15 (CET). As always “Just Refresh” the page for comprehensive commentary. You can watch the show live HERE. We will also reveal the results of our On-Line Poll on who you believe should represent Portugal at Eurovision – still time to vote HERE!

Running Order 

  1. Rui Andrade – Ao Teu Encontro
  2. Catarina Pereira – Mea Culpa
  3. Zana – Nas Asas da Sorte
  4. Raquel Guerra – Sonhos Roubados
  5. Susy – Quero Ser Tua (Como A Lua É Do Luar)

LIVE BLOG – 23:15 (CET)

Hi #Eurovision #Campers you are here with me Garrett for one of the latest national finals on a Saturday night! Before we start the show here are a few strange facts about Portugal that I think you should know in case we end up going to Lisbon next year.

  • The Portuguese eat more fish and shellfish per head of population than any other country – Yum Yum!
  • In 1996, a commission was set up in Portugal to cut the influx of English words. ‘Mall’, ‘franchising’ and SSLqshopping centre’ were seen as most offensive.
  • Portugal are the country waiting the longest to win the Eurovision Song Contest!

Loving this camp black and white singing opening number. It feels like we are at the Oscars and not a Song Contest! The opening act was a singing and dancing Frankie Dettori.

Rui Andrade – Ao Teu Encontro

Oh he is a handsome devil! He looks like he has stepped off the set of a Latin American Soap Opera. A ballad that has Portugal stamped all over it. Grannies down to Teenage girls will love Rui. Is the song strong enough to qualify for the final at Eurovision? I think it is missing that big “x-factor” moment.

Score : 7/12

Catarina Pereira – Mea Culpa

Ok – It is good to see that Portugal recycles! This sounds like several Greek songs from the mid 2000’s. If that was not dated enough they then use Ani Lorak’s head nods from Shady lady (2008) and then Nicki French’s “Clock Movements” from her song “Don’t Play That Song Again”. All in all this has been done too many times before at Eurovision and Portugal deserves better! I know that most Portuguese Eurovision fans think this is the song to beat. I think Portugal has much better to offer.

Score : 5/12

Beautiful interlude where they look at famous Portuguese singers, composers, conductors and Eurovision related stars over the years. Bravo!

Zana – Nas Asas da Sorte

I know Portugal like their football but Zana was in a ball gown on a hidden plinth that made her look like a subbuteo figure. She towered her 4 male backing singers. Having said that this had my favourite instrument – the accordion – that always makes me weak at the knees. This is a song that screams Portugal to me and my favourite so far.

Score 10/12

Raquel Guerra – Sonhos Roubados

Dressed like she was going to Studio 54 with a Gold Flared catsuit. Hey she carried it off but the song sounded like it came from Grease The Portuguese Musical. It neither offended or enthralled me – like having a steak with no pepper corn sauce. I wanted this to set my taste buds on fire yet all they did were tickled me and left me waiting for the main course!

Score : 6/12

Susy – Quero Ser Tua (Como A Lua É Do Luar)

Susy gets an extra point before she even sings a note for the men in tight leather trousers banging away on their VERY BIG……Drums! Can you imagine the amount of talc powder that it took to get them into those jeans! As for the song it is a cute dance song that you could see yourself shaking your hips to with a few glasses of vino on you. I still think Portugal can do better.

Score : 7/12

There are your 5 songs for the Portuguese Public to decide on for their winner


We asked you to vote for your winner earlier today and you decided that with 72% of the vote that Catarina Pereira with “Mea Culpa” should win.

I think that she will win too but I personally would prefer to see Zana with her song “Nas Asas da Sorte” go to Copenhagen.

Now we wait for the results!


Our Super Final 3 songs are

  1. Rui Andrade – Ao Teu Encontro
  2. Catarina Pereira – Mea Culpa
  3. Susy – Quero Ser Tua (Como A Lua É Do Luar)


Now the Top 2 are announced


  • Catarina Pereira – Mea Culpa
  • Susy – Quero Ser Tua (Como A Lua É Do Luar)



Susy with the song “Quero Ser Tua” will go to Copenhagen

The booing from the audience is certainly uncalled for.

Best of luck to Susy in Copenhagen.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



Author/Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall Source : Eurovision Ireland

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