Eurovision 2014

Who is representing Russia at Eurovision 2014?

Who will represent Russia at Eurovision? Photo :

Who will represent Russia at Eurovision? Photo :

Who will be representing Russia at Eurovision 2014? That is the question that people have been asking for some time now. That question is set to be announced. However there has been a turn of events this year for Russia 1 (Russian National Broadcaster). First the Broadcaster had announced a National final – “FTO?/Who?” and were accepting song submissions. Then came the news that the National Final was postponed.

According to ESCKAZ, this will be the first time that the Broadcaster Russia 1 – will not host a national contest. The previous years that they have been responsible for the Russian representative at Eurovision, they have held open finals (1994,1996, 2008, 2010 and 2012).

The artist Sergey Lazarev was tweeted as being the Russian Representative for Eurovision 2014 by “Love Radio” in Russia. Russia 1 were quick to deny this clam and then the radio station deleted their original tweets stating that it was their “hope” that Lazarev would be selected for Eurovision. 

Sergey is a mentor on “Ukraine – The Voice”. He is also in contract with Ukrainian broadcaster 1+1. The Blind Auditions for “The Voice” are prerecorded and the live shows don’t begin until May 18th.This would not be an issue for Sergey to physically be at Eurovision. However broadcaster Russia 1 have in their conditions of selection that their artist cannot be contracted to any other station and has to sign an exclusive 3 year contract with them. Furthermore the artist has to transfer all rights for material created during these three contracted years to the station. For Sergey to be selected, Russia 1 would have to change their legal requirements for their artist thus setting a precedent potentially for future artists.

MIAMusic reported that Lazarev denied that he had any interest to compete at Eurovision 2014 and then 2 weeks ago he spoke on “Love Radio” where he denied the rumour himself.

As for artists that have confirmed that they submitted an entry to Russia 1 during their open call for songs – the list is extensive but lacks any big Russian artists – SEE HERE

Politically and socially 2014 is a year where media will be focused on Russia – including the act they send to Eurovision. Who might be up for the challenge?

Do you think Russia should turn to Dima Bilan or another former contestant – maybe Serebro – to fly the Russian flag at Eurovision?

Who do you think could represent Russia at Eurovision this year and withstand the international scrutiny?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ESCKAZ

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