Editorial : Ruth Lorenzo At Eurovision 2014 is Great News For the BBC

Ruth Lorenzo and the BBC. Photo : Wikimedia

Ruth Lorenzo and the BBC. Photo : Wikimedia

Spain – Ruth Lorenzo at Eurovision 2014 is great news for the BBC this year.

Last night the Spanish public had their say and selected Ruth Lorenzo for Eurovision 2014 with her song “Dancing In The Rain”. I am sitting here catching up on the comments from last night’s “Eurovision Super Saturday” and let me tell you that some people are badly suffering the effects of karma biting them on the derriere! However one reoccurring thing I noticed were the comments from non Eurovision devotees regarding Ruth Lorenzo going to Eurovision.

This got me thinking! Could this be good news for the BBC?

Well Lorenzo is from that golden demographic that the BBC so desperately want and need to tap into – “The X-Factor Generation”. The show may have played second fiddle to the BBC’s own “Strictly Come Dancing” in the ratings recently but back when Lorenzo was a contestant on the show she was one of the more well-known personalities whom people will remember the name or the fact she was “that Spanish girl on X-Factor that Simon fancied”.

What does the Spanish selection have to do with the UK?

If you look at UK social media sites today, they are awash with “X-Factor’s Lorenzo Joins Eurovision”. With the BBC keeping its Eurovision fans on tender hooks as to whom they will roll out to Copenhagen, they now have a known name at the contest – Ruth Lorenzo! Regardless of what decade the artists comes from, the BBC have a relatively known and current name at Eurovision. More importantly she fits that 20-35 year old demographic that the BBC so desperately needs to tap into like a BP Rig in the North Sea searching for oil.

Bonnie and Englebert – we loved them in the day – were complete strangers to the young affluent and socially media savvy demographic that the BBC is missing from its Eurovision Audience. Jedward reflected many a young Eurovision fan when they said in 2012 that “We had to google who Englebert was”. Well the BBC don’t need to do that with Lorenzo as she has been on tv in the UK in the last 5 years.

How to keep the Eurovision “Faith”?

We all read earlier this week Paloma Faith claiming “Are you all insane” at the idea was that she would enter Eurovision. Let’s face it the BBC has a “Eurovision Image Problem” at home that needs to be addressed. If getting a former X-Factor contestant brings them closer to a younger demographic then this has to go some way to repairing the scorn that the general media has for the contest in the UK.

If nothing else the 20 to 35 audience (I am slightly outside that box these days myself but I don’t let anyone know) might want to know how that “Girl From X-Factor will do at Eurovision”. Furthermore part of the song is in English. The BBC must be beside themselves with joy! Spain has just delivered an act that the UK audience will remember – no matter how far back in the depths of their Reality TV memories she is – she is still there!

The BBC should be thanking the Spanish Public for a few extra viewers to their Graham Norton coverage of the Eurovision this May but more importantly it my start the ball rolling in the attempt to get younger artists, songwriters and producers involved in the UK entry if they see interest in a Spanish girl who came to our attention on a talent show.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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