Eurovision 2014

United Kingdom : Paloma Faith & BBC Eurovision Become Twitter Friends

Paloma Faith. "Can We be Eurovision Twitter Friends?" Photo :

Paloma Faith. “Can We be Eurovision Twitter Friends?” Photo :

United Kingdom – In the early hours of today Tuesday February 18th a very interesting relationship on Twitter blossomed that our friends at ESC Insight spotted and kindly awoken us from our Eurovision Dreams.

Paloma Faith Twitter. Photo : ESC Insight

Paloma Faith Twitter. Photo : ESC Insight

The official BBC Eurovision Twitter account decided to follow Paloma Faith and guess what – she decided to reciprocate and follow them back.

Remember Graham Norton did promise back in June to ask all his music guests if they would ever consider representing the UK at Eurovision when they came on his show. Who was on the show last week?

Also remember last week The Head of Press for the UK at Eurovision tweeted that the BBC had their first Eurovision Meeting – well guess what day the recent Graham Norton Show (featuring Paloma Faith) was recorded?

Paloma Faith has her new album scheduled for release on March 3rd “Perfect Contradiction” and her new single “Can’t Rely On You” is released on February 28th – as we saw on the Graham Norton Show.

Take a look at Paloma’s upcoming album on i-tunes. There is one song at 3 minutes exactly then a further 4 songs under 3 minutes and 10 seconds. “Trouble With My Baby” is exactly 3 minuets long. Fancy that.

Take a look at her concert calendar – clear until August.

I believe that the BBC Eurovision Twitter followed Bonnie Tyler last year just before the announcement of her competing at the concert.

Just a few things that we noticed late at night and as C&C Music factory sang  – “Things that make you go Hmmmmm”.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ESC Insight 

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  1. She wouldn’t blend into the background, that’s for sure! She CAN sing live, she’s VERY quirky and judging from everything that’s been put forward as entries so far, a great song and performance from Paloma would give the UK its best entry for years (for me only Emma from Italy has anything screaming ‘top 5’ so far)…

  2. Wow, this does certainly seem promising!! I like her style of music. 🙂 Could be good for the UK if it’s true!

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