Eurovision 2014

LITHUANIA : Vote For their Eurovision Entry as Final 3 Songs Announced

Lithuanian Finalists. Photo : Wikipedia

Lithuanian Finalists. Photo : Wikipedia

Lithuania – They have had everything this year. An extended marathon selection process that was increased at the last-minute, songs that were disqualified because they were also in the Moldovan selection, irregular votes that were investigated and finally a song selection process that even baffled the composers.

Should we be surprised considering how their selection last year surprised all?

However the end is insight as we now have 3 singers and three songs in the hunt to represent Lithuania at Eurovision 2014.

The final 3 singers are 

  • Mia
  • Vilija Mataciunaite
  • Vaidas Baumila

However when it came to the selection of the 3 final songs – that each will sing this Saturday – there was a difference between the public and jury vote on one song!

As you will have known – LRT has asked people from over Europe to vote on-line as to their favourite songs in the selection process.

The Public Votes Were as Follows

Attention – 1312 votes
World Apart – 1238 votes
Take A Look At Me Now – 1117 votes
Blowing Out Cobwebs – 628 votes
Dying – 492 votes
It’s Not Too Late – 413 votes
It’s All About A Boy – 290 votes
Let’s Share That Luve Tonight – 274 votes

The Jury Vote On The Songs

  1. It’s All About A Boy – 9 Jury points
  2. Take A Look At Me Now – 7 Jury points
  3. Attention – 6 Jury points
  4. It’s Not Too Late – 5 Jury points
  5. Dying – 4 Jury points
  6. Blowing Out Cobwebs – 3 Jury points
  7. World Apart – 2 Jury points
  8. Let’s Share That Luve Tonight – 1 Jury point

What does this mean? 

The Public and Jury Votes were ranked and the song “World’s Apart” that was a constant Top 3 with the public and jury was relegated to 4th place and now misses out on being in the final 3 songs which are

  1. Attention 
  2. Take A Look At Me Now 
  3. It’s All About A Boy

Here is what we can expect on Saturday as the artists have already performed the songs

We are looking forward to hearing Vaidas singing “Its All About A Boy”!

What do you think of the Top 3 songs? Is there a Eurovision winner there?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : LRT

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  1. It’s All About A Boy is so my guilty pleasure lol. Sad Monika had to leave the show 😦 She was my winner. Mia’s okay, but a bit artificial. I’M ALL FOR VAIDAS. Not really concerned about the song. He made Attention bearable!

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