“All Kinds Of Everything” Gets a Eurosong Make-Over – Eurovision Pop Of Culture

Dana "All Kinds Of Everything". Photo :

Dana “All Kinds Of Everything”. Photo :

EUROSONG – “All Kinds Of Everything” gets a make-over. Yes the first Irish wining entry at Eurovision 1970 has been given the Petra treatment and we don’t mean the “I know a Drag Queen” Petra – we mean the Belgian Petra who last weekend qualified for the Belgian Semi Finals of their “Eurosong”.

In the show, that asked the contestants to cover Eurovision songs, she decided to take Dana’s 1970 classic and completely change the lyrics to reflect all the stereotypes that Eurovision conjures in the tabloid press these days. How very dare she! However this is actually very funny and is our “Eurovision Pop Of Culture #2”

What is even more bizarre is that she performed the satirical version for the Judges and qualified for the Semi Finals of Eurosong 2014 in Belgium. What would Dana make of this cover version of her song – we would love to know!

What do you think of this modern twist on a Eurovision classic?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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