AZERBAIJAN : Video Clip of the 14 Finalists for Eurovision 2014 Search Böyük Sehne

Boyuk Shene - Finalists Announced. Photo : Boyuk Shene

Boyuk Shene – Finalists Announced. Photo : Boyuk Shene

AZERBAIJAN – The preliminary rounds of the Eurovision 2014 Selection contest in Azerbaijan – Böyük Sehne – have concluded and we now have the 14 finalists

The 14 Finalists Are

  1. Fuad Əsədov
  2. Safa Eldar
  3. Wave Wave
  4. Dilarə Kazımova
  5. Xana Həsənova
  6. Valeriya Hüseynzadə
  7. Elton İbrahimov
  8. Azad Şabanov
  9. Erkin Osmanlı
  10. Hülya İbadova
  11. Lalə Sultan
  12. Ayşəbəyim Nağıyeva
  13. Aydın Eyvazzadə
  14. Samirə Əfəndiyeva


You can read a full bio of each of the 14 finalists HERE

The acts are currently rehearsing in Kyiv – Ukraine – before the live shows begin.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Böyük Sehne

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  1. Honestly I had never been this satisfied with the finalists of the Azerbaijani internal selections. I don’t really care about the result, and who will be the next representative. But Wave, Hülya İbadova, Azad Şabanov, Samirə Əfəndiyeva, Dilarə Kazımova and Ayşəbəyim Nağıyeva are my favorites. Good luck, fingers crossed for the best!

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