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FINLAND Grand Final of UMK 2014 : Live Rolling Blog at 20:00(CET) – Just Refresh This Page For Updates

UMK 2014 Grand Final. Photo : YLE

UMK 2014 Grand Final. Photo : YLE

Finland – Welcome to our live rolling blog for the GRAND FINAL of UMK2014 aka The Finnish Eurovision National Selection for 2014. Just refresh this page for our live commentary on the show. 20:00 CET for the pre-show buildup and then the live show at 20:30 (CET). You can watch the show with us HERE on the YLE Broadcast or on the Web Stream HERE. Make sure to tell us your thoughts on the songs and use the official Twitter Hashtag #UMK14.

8 Acts compete tonight and the result will be determined by a combination of 50/50 Jury/Public Votes

The participants

  1. Softengine – Something better
  2. Hanna Sky – Hope
  3. MIAU – God/Drug
  4. Lauri Mikkola – Going down
  5. MadCraft – Shining bright
  6. Mikko Pohjola – Sängyn reunalla
  7. Clarissa feat. Josh Standing – Top of the world
  8. Hukka ja Mama – Selja


Show starts with the judges banishing UMK 2013 winner Krista Siegfrieds from tonight’s show because she only scored 23 points at Eurovision 2013 – HARSH!!

After a fight with a Drag Queen in the drains of Helsinki (SERIOUSLY) she makes it to the stage. Ding Dong Krista introduces the finalists that come through the Wardrobe from Narnia!


Soft Engine – Something Better

Soft Engine Photo YLE

Soft Engine Photo YLE

Eurovision needs a band like Softengine. They were electric on stage like the fireworks that they had. The audience and the judges loved the guys. They made it look effortless and if I was in Finland I would be very happy if they went to Copenhagen! “Something Better” – will be hard to find that tonight. Bravo

Hanna Sky – “Hope”

Hanna Sky - Photo UMK2014 YLE

Hanna Sky – Photo UMK2014 YLE

A middle eastern twist on an anthemic style R-n-B song. 12 points Hanna for bringing us the first wind machine of tonight! Once this song gets into your mind it stays there – song bomb as i would say. This would work well on a big Eurovision stage. You could see how much this means to Hanna. She was close to tears after she finished the song. Love this song too.

MIAU – God/Drug

Miau - UMK2014 Photo YLE

Miau – UMK2014 Photo YLE

Now for something completely different. Rock and Electro Pop Finnish style. These are 3 girls that look like they would be great fun out on the town. They have attitude and they gave it 100%. It is Lady Gaga to the power of 3! The Pussycat Dolls they ain’t – Hey but that is a good thing!

Lauri Mikkola – Going down

Lauri Mikkola UMK 2014 - Photo YLE

Lauri Mikkola UMK 2014 – Photo YLE

Was Lauri not listening to us last week when we complimented him on ditching the “Fire Engine Red” suit for a more casual look. Oh no he WASN’T! The Austin Powers red velvet suit is back and giving even this colourblind blogger a headache. As for the vocals – they were off key in several places. Lauri I think is more suited to Musicals as opposed to Eurovision.


Madcraft – Shining Bright

Madcraft UMK 2014 - Photo YLE

Madcraft UMK 2014 – Photo YLE

To say that they used every inch of the stage is an understatement. Complete with a skate boarding ramp with a BMX Bandit and Skateboarder missing each other by inches this will get all those teenagers voting. They did have so much energy pumping through their veins but I couldn’t hear what they were singing. It was like adrenaline fueled with red bull. All a bit manic but enough “Oh Oh Oh’s” to rescue this performance. Don’t think this will be a winner.

Mikko Pohjola – Sängyn reunalla

Mikko Pohjola UMK 2014 - Photo YLE

Mikko Pohjola UMK 2014 – Photo YLE

One of only 2 songs sung in Finnish in this final. That might give it an advantage. The same use of the black and white and then into colour for the tempo increase in the song. It just sounded like Mikko was singing behind the track all the time. It is a nice song, sung by a nice singer with a nice staging. I think you see where this is going – it is all just “nice” and succeeds in being mediocre for me personally. Hey a mediocre song won Eurovision last year. I have no doubt that this would do fine at Eurovision but with so many other good songs in the UMK Final I would feel cheated if this won.

Clarissa feat. Josh Standing – Top of the world

Clarissa and Josh UMK 2014 - Photo YLE

Clarissa and Josh UMK 2014 – Photo YLE

Clarissa proved tonight that her bid for the Barbara Dew Award last week was not a shot in the pan – another questionable outfit! Josh was looking more like the UK’s answer to Vanilla Ice this week. Let’s get real here – they have tons of energy and a good euro pop song but their vocals and interaction with the camera left a lot to be desired. If they were to win tonight I don’t think they would have enough time to master the vocals before Eurovision – oh that is Eurovision 2015!

Hukka ja Mama – Selja

Hukka ja Mama – Selja Photo YLE

Hukka ja Mama – Selja Photo YLE

Eurovision has gone “Cake Crazy” this year.If we are not singing about them then we are wearing them as hats. This Finnish Folk song has gone down a treat just now. All I am missing is a nice cup of tea to go with this. By far the biggest cheer tonight from the audience. This is like a song from Mumford and Sons – however one that I like. They are the most unconventional group that are different to stand out from the crowd but good enough to make you like them. One to watch we think.


Interval Act Time


Redrama at UMK 2014 - Photo YLE

Redrama at UMK 2014 – Photo YLE

Ok Redrama from the Jury has taken to the stage to sing “Let Go”. Oh it is lucky that he is not in the competition as he would not be getting a good review.

Oops his female co-singer almost fell off her high heels – might have improved the performance!


Miau take the first set of Top marks

Softengine take the second set of Top marks making it a tie between Softengine and Mikko Pohjola

Jury 3 – Softengine take the top marks again with Miau second and Mikko Pohjola third

Jury 4 – Soft Engine take the Top marks again

The Jury Top 4 is completed and is

  1. Softengine
  2. Mikko Pohjola
  3. Miau
  4. Hukka ja Mama

Public Vote Continues with Interval Act

Krista Siegfrids on singing again another euro dance dance with a checkerboard of misfits


  1. Softengine
  2. Mikko Pohjola
  3. Miau

Congratulations to Softengine who will represent Finland at Eurovision 2014



Author ; Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : YLE and Eurovision Ireland

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