Eurovision 2014

ITALY : Listen to their Eurovision 2014 Entry and Vote

Emma Marrone. Photo : Emma Marrone FaceBook

Emma Marrone. Photo : Emma Marrone Facebook

ITALY – Emma Marrone will represent Italy at Eurovision 2014 with the song “La Mia Città”. 

The song is composed by Marrone herself and produced by Brando – whom she works with.


According to Brando, the song is inspired by 80’s rock acts.


What do you think of the song? Where do you see this song potentially finishing in the Grand Final at Eurovision 2014?



Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. I think this will be a Top 10 in much the same way that all Italy’s entries have been since they returned. I would want to see the edited-for-ESC live version and its competition to see if it could do better. It doesn’t scream “Winner” at the moment…

  2. I voted somewhere in the middle for now. I like it, but it gets repetitive as it goes on. People might be seeing a sort of Amandine repeat and might not really respond to it.

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