Eurovision 2014

“Let’s Talk Eurovision 2014 and Beyond” – Episode 1

Have Your Say. Photo - newsomegrapevine

Have Your Say. Photo – newsomegrapevine

“Let’s Talk Eurovision 2014 and Beyond – Episode 1”

Three Eurovision Websites ( , and have teamed up to discuss all things Eurovision. Each week we will discuss topics that have an impact on the Eurovision Song Contest and debate how to continue to grow the popularity and relevance of the contest.

Last week we “mulled” (it is Christmas after all) over the following areas where to maximize benefits to the contest.

  • The cost of hosting the contest to a National Broadcaster
  • The use of Sponsorship
  • Satellite Link Ups 
  • Voting Procedure

How can you get involved in our weekly show?

We want to hear from YOU!

  • We want to get your opinion on what we discussed. Either mail the 3 sites, post a comment on the video, drop us a tweet or a comment on the Facebook post. You know where to find us.
  • We want you to tell us what you would like us to talk about on future shows? Remember this is your chance to have your say and like the EBU’s pan European Survey – we want to hear your points of view. .

As this is a LIVE “Google Hangout” you can join us every Wednesday at 21:00 GMT and ask us questions “live on-line”.

Get your voice heard by thousands of followers from 3 of Europe’s most read websites.

Next Google Hangout “Eurovision 2014 and Beyond – Episode 2” will air this Wednesday December 18th at 21:00 GMT – come #JoinUs

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland, ESC Insight and escXtra

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  1. I have several comments:

    There is a reason why the delegations can stay in a 4* of 5* hotels. They are the only hotels that are big enough to have the capacity to host so many delegations.
    I work in a travel industry and I suspect the procedure is like this: The host broadcaster approach hotels and close the best possible deal they can. It helps that they can guarantee number of rooms nights(35 delegation, each delegation need at least 5 rooms-or even 10 rooms- per night, for a minimum of at least 7 days, not to mention EBU officials.You make the calculation how much room nights, this mean).
    3* stars hotels are usually not big enough to host so many delegations or to give so many rooms.
    Another point is hotel as sponsor for ESC, this can only works with big chains that have hotels all around the world, but even if an hotel will becomes a sponsor for ESC,it will not result in delegation paying much less.Hotels need to earn money, pay salaries and suppliers.They won’t get this from giving free rooms(though I suspect, that the host broadcaster receive some complimentary rooms for each number of paying guest).
    Hotels see ESC as a way to earn extra money. As long as there is no deal for the delegations’ accommodation, they will not sell the rooms.Once the deal is closed, than they will release the rooms and sell it in quite high prices. This an extra event that can help them boost their earning for the month/year and they aren’t going to miss the chance for that.

    I think there should be 2 kinds of sponsorships. Short term and long term. The short term sponsorship may involve local companies in the host country(for example Lufthansa sponsorship for the ESC in Germany).
    Long term sponsorship should be a deal for several years, where the sponsorship pay every year some money to be associated with ESC and that money should be part of the budget for hosting and that may help reduce the costs for the participating broadcasters.
    I have no idea how the EBU close the sponsorships deals, but somehow it feels like the deals are closed in order to fill the gaps in the budgets than one that aim to be the basic income for hosting the event.
    As for sponsor-it should be a company sensitive for human / gay rights.

    At this moment, the voting as it is, only concentrate on who gets the top votes. And this usually emphasize people’s perceptions on neighbours voting for each other. It also make less exciting viewing.
    On the other hand the voting, as it is, takes too long and is very boring.You want to upgrade the voting, make it somehow shorter and more exciting than it is right now.How?that’s the big question.
    I am not keen on the idea of the spoke person in hall.It makes for more costs for the broadcaster, even if for 1 night.And don’t forget, not all delegation stay for the final.Some of them leave at the moment they strand in the semi.It’s an unrealistic idea.

  2. Indeed voting is exciting. But it will be endless if they said all ten countries. But you are right that we get to miss the first seven countries. What i suggest is that the presenter from the country could go: “hi, this is nicosia calling blah blah blah here are the votes (quickly): spain 1, italy 2, san marino 3, sweden 4, israel 5, greece 6, poland 7 and here it goes for the top 3 (in normal tone): ireland 8 points, finland 10 points and finally United Kingdom 12 points…
    Something similar to what the Dutch presenter did in 2006:

    excellent example (not the flirting 🙂 )

  3. Very quiet & very timid Ewan Spence?? NOO WAY He was a loud mouth on JESC commentary 😀 (Meant in a good way lol)


    QUESTION: If any one of y’all get selected to do the pan survey, will you inform us what kind of questions they ask and how you answered, if this is allowed????

    QUESTION/POSSIBLE TOPIC: Luke Fisher wrote articles on the Junior Eurovision website & did official webstream commentary along with Ewan. Do any of you guys consider careers within the EBU.. specifically Eurovision Song Contest/Young Dancers/Musicians ?? Are you working towards one? (Question to Garett too, not leaving you out 😀 )

    Omg. I totally agree, the vote reading was so swift & well done!!! In the adult version, it can really drag! So much butt-kissing and unnecessary info, I agree. There should be a strict time policy for vote reading.

    Presenters there to give votes? I don’t know. Wouldn’t that be LESS cost effective?(Cause usually it’s somebody well known from that country so, they would have to be brought in) Unless it’s actually a member of delegation who was already going to be there.. or just have one less delegation member there lol.

    I think reading the points from 1-8 out loud might not be as time efficient as JESC cause there are many more countries calling in.. but cutting out small talk and butt kissing, it might work, idk.. I find the screen display works better for points 1-8 in adult ESC. It caters to an older audience who do not need to be spoon-fed the info. It would become redundant as there are so many countries calling in.

    Hahaha nice hats Captain Pirate Ewan. Love this show idea..Love all your accents blending together 😀

    How can I join your hangout?? Do you post it or do you have to invite personally?

    • Ariana – As always you are a legend. Thank you for your comments. We are going to look at guests in January but the chat will be live on Google= Hangouts at 9pm (GMT) so you can look like and write in questions. Will post the details tomorrow 🙂

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