Eurovision 2014

ISRAEL : Internal Artist To Be Selected For Eurovision 2014

Israel Eurovision 2014. Photo : PicturePerspectives

Israel Eurovision 2014. Photo : PicturePerspectives

Israeli National Broadcaster IBA, will internally select their entrant for Eurovision 2014 as opposed to their National Contest “Kadam Eurovision”.

2014 will see a panel of music professionals select an act/artist to represent Israel at Eurovision 2014. The public will though have the choice on the song that will be selected for Copenhagen.

Three songs will be performed by the Act and the public will vote on their favourite song. The result will be made by 100% televote

No date has been set for the announcement of the internally selected artist or the live song selection show.

Israel has not progressed to the Grand Final of Eurovision since 2010. Even returning Eurovision winner Dana International missed out on a Grand Final position in 2011.



Who would you like to see represent Israel at Eurovision 2014?


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : esctoday

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