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Scotland to Enter Eurovision as an Independent Country?

Scotland at Eurovision. Photo : EPA/GRAHAM STUART

Scotland at Eurovision. Photo : EPA/GRAHAM STUART

The people of Scotland will be voting next September in a referendum that asks the nation if they want to be an independent country. Yesterday Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond launched the Scottish government’s independence blueprint.

This is a 670 page document “which contains the arguments in favour of independence and is intended as a guide to what might happen if it is achieved”

The “White Paper” (as it is called) is a comprehensive document looking at Scottish Independence on a Socio/Political and Economic perspective. If you look at Clause #474 you will read the following

“Would the Scottish Broadcasting Service (SBS) join the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)?

Yes, The SBS would seek membership of the EBU and would be an active and constructive partner in the organisation. As part of this participation, we would envisage the SBS engaging with some of the EBU competitions, including Scottish entries at the Eurovision Song Contest”

Scottish White Paper on Independence. Photo : BBC

Scottish White Paper on Independence. Photo : BBC

At a glance

  • If successful how would England, Wales and Northern Ireland be known at Eurovision? Probably still as the UK
  • Should this come to pass – Would the UK maintain their Big 5 status at the contest?
  • With 10 months to polling – the “No” campaign has a majority but that could all change
  • Would SBS hold an “Open Eurovision National Selection” – That would be welcomed by most UK Eurovision Fans even outside of Scotland

Scotland already has a Eurovision Winner – Lulu – in 1969 when she was in a 4 way tie for the Grand Prix.

What do you think of a Scottish entry at Eurovision in 2015?


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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