UKRAINE : Running Order, Rehearsals and Bribery

Art Makes Children Powerful

Art Makes Children Powerful

UKRAINE : “Running Order, Rehearsals and Bribery” are the headlines coming from Kyiv. Never did one think that this would be headline from a song contest, never mind the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Running Order

The running order for Saturday’s final of Junior Eurovision was made at the opening ceremony by the contestants themselves. The running order for the show became an integral part of the show as the contestants drew lots to decide what place they would perform in. Georgia and FYR Macedonia were randomly drawn as wildcards. The running order for Saturday’s Final is as follows

01 Sweden
02 Azerbaijan
03 Armenia
04 San Marino
05 FYR Macedonia
06 Ukraine
07 Belarus
08 Moldova
09 Georgia
10 The Netherlands
11 Malta
12 Russia



One has to say that you wish that the contestants at Eurovision would come to the contest as prepared as the Junior Eurovision singers. You can see videos of all their first rehearsals and how professional they are. If you ever needed an example of how Junior Eurovision is as talent filled as its older sibling, then just look at this “First Rehearsal” from Malta’s representative Gaia Cauchi performing her song “The Start”. If this song and performance were at Eurovision then people would be saying “Contender”.



However, such is the talent in Kyiv that all the songs and performers deserve applause. It is so clear that they are all enjoying themselves and reveling in the chance to perform.



To look at all the first rehearsals – follow the link HERE to the official Junior Eurovision Website for all the videos



It is everywhere in the world these days – but at Junior Eurovision? Never! However as Eurovision Winners Bucks Fizz sang, “My Camera Never Lies”. Well all we have to say is that “if us at Eurovision have to endure (sorry Freudian slip) “enjoy” the pleasure of Terry Vision, then he needs to be shared at #JESC. Head of Press for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest – Kath Locket – was caught in the act of bribery. We call it survival, as she had to subdue Terry Vision which is a task anyone would find a daunting prospect. Kath, you did well!


Junior Eurovision is full steam ahead. Make sure to follow the team at their official website, on Twitter and on Facebook


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Junior Eurovision



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