Eurovision 2014

POLAND’S Participation at Eurovision 2014 – Update

Poland and ESC 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Poland and ESC 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Poland rejoiced in the success of the Eurovision Young Dancers contest that they successfully hosted this year. This had sparked interest in returning to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. This afternoon TVP (Polish National Broadcaster) was counting the potential cost of returning to the contest.

What is the decision of TVP and Poland?

Our good friends at “Lets Talk About ESC” have spoken to Jacek Rakowiecki at TVP quoting

“A decision on the possible TVP’s participation in ESC 2014 will be taken by the Board of the Polish public broadcaster, which gathers every Wednesday till late evening. If they decide this week, we may expect a press release on Thursday. According to Jacek Rakowiecki, TVP spokesperson, everything will be clear this week or next one at the latest.”


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Lets Talk About ESC

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