SERBIA : Fans and Eurovision Stars Call for Serbia to go to Eurovision 2014

Serbia Eurovision 2014.   Photograph courtesy of TANJUG/ TANJA VALIC/bk

Serbia Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of TANJUG/ TANJA VALIC/bk

The news of Serbia not participating at Eurovision 2014 was a blow to the contest last Friday. They have been a strong nation at Eurovision since winning the contest in 2007 and hosting in 2008.

Fans and Eurovision stars have begun to mobilise themselves asking for RTS (Serbian National Broadcaster) to reverse their decision and attend the contest in Copenhagen next year.

Firstly Serbian Fans have decided to call for national and international support from Eurovision Fans in calling for RTS to reverse their decision. They have opened a Facebook Page asking people to support them in their aim of getting Serbia to Eurovision 2014. You can find and like the page HERE. In just 24 hours they already have almost 1,200 supporters. They have said

“OGAE Serbia, an organization that promotes the Eurovision Song Contest, Serbian music and culture in Europe and the rest of the world received the information about Serbia’s withdrawing with disbelief and sorrow.”

They go on to say that

“In these hard times, Eurovision is a bright spot in the darkness for all Serbian people, as there everyone can feel proud for their country but also experience the spirit of competition.”

They also pay their respects to the recently deceased head of RTS, Aleksandar Tijanić and have reminded RTS what he said of Serbia and Eurovision

“Recently deceased head of RTS, Aleksandar Tijanić said that our success at Eurovision is way bigger than that at the European football championship.”

Former Eurovision singers and composers have also come out asking for RTS to reverse their decision to withdraw from Eurovision 2014.

Jelena Tomašević – 2008 Serbian Eurovision representative who sang “Oro” has said of the RTS decision to withdraw

“I am very saddened by this decision. So many countries have pulled out due to the crisis. I hope we will be in a better position next year. Eurovision was a big experience for me and brought me a lot of beautiful memories”.

Kristina Kovač who composed Serbia’s 2011 Eurovision entry “Čaroban” has said

“I am not surprised. The financial crisis has been ongoing for several years and this was to be expected. Pop music in Serbia has been in crisis for several years. However, it is a very bad decision for Serbia not to send its entry next year.”

Vladimir Graić – The composer of Serbia’s Eurovision winning song “Molitva” has said

“I am disappointed that we are looking for explanations rather than solutions. Ok, the situation is not great, no one is denying it but has anyone tried to resolve the issue with money? Has anyone asked should we send our football team to take part in next year’s qualification for the European Championship despite failing for the World Cup? Their games and travel expenses cost like 100 Eurovisions. So, of course they will play and they should”.

Should RTS now look at trying to secure sponsorship for Eurovision 2014?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : blic.rs, kurir-info.rs and Facebook

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  1. I agree with Vladimir!!! Sports & arts should be treated equally!! Eurovision is only once & these sports people play all year around, many matches!!

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