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Junior Eurovision – “What’s it all about” – Part Three

JESC 2013 Logo. Photograph courtesy of EBU/NTU

JESC 2013 Logo. Photograph courtesy of EBU/NTU

Welcome to the third and final part of our preview of songs soon to be appearing in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on 30 November in Kyiv. Twelve countries will take part including one debutante (more of which later). There are a few different rules to bear in mind when compared to its big brother. For one, the song has to be predominantly in the language of the country concerned. Also, the winner does not necessarily host the contest the following year; this year it’s happened by coincidence. Additionally, each country receives 12 points at the start of the night, to prevent any child going home with a small score. Finally, some years have had an extra ‘kids’ jury to give an extra set of marks.

The draw for the running order this year will be made at the opening party in Kyiv on 25 November. This series of articles has been looking at each country in alphabetical order. Here are the final four.

Russia – Dayana Kirillova – “Mechtay” (Мечтай)

Dayana was the first entrant to be picked for this event, back in early June. Russia held a competition at the Kremlin where 18 acts sang original songs. This was not the first time 11-year-old Dayana had tried to represent her country. Last year she finished runner up to Russian participant Lerika. So now she’s won the golden ticket, can she bring the prize back home?

The video is Dayana’s very colourful stage performance.

San Marino – Michele Perniola – “O-o-O Sole intorno a me”

The Serene Republic débuts this year. Michele was chosen internally by state broadcaster SMTV but has appeared on TV many times both in San Marino and Italy. Primarily, he will be remembered for winning the talent show Ti lascio una canzone (I’ll leave you a song) on RAI1. He’s also co-written this song, the first time the Italian language has been used in a Junior Eurovision.

This is the official video made to accompany the song.

Sweden – Elias Elfors Elfström – “Det är dit vi ska”

JESC 2013 Logo. Photograph courtesy of EBU/NTU

JESC 2013 Logo. Photograph courtesy of EBU/NTU

This year’s hosts of the main contest are enthusiastic participants in the junior version. As in previous years, Sweden had a national final – Lilla Melodifestivalen – held at Stockholm’s Gröna Lund theme park in June. Elias beat seven other hopefuls. He is 13 and enjoys playing the piano and dancing – not at the same we hope.

The video is Elias’ official video, partly filmed at Lilla Melodifestivalen.

Ukraine – Sofia Tarasova – “We Are One”

Finally, the home country is also the defending champions. Sofia, who is 12, tried to represent her country last year, but was beaten by eventual JESC winner Anastasiya Petryk. She’s back this time on home turf looking to make it two in a row. National broadcaster NTU held a national final back in early August, with 20 participants. A combination of jury and televoting led to a tie for first place. Through countback, Sofia came out on top.

The video is Sofia’s national performance.

The 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes place on 30 November at 7pm CET. The twelve countries, plus Australia, will be showing the contest, and it will also be available online at Junior Eurovision’s official website.

May the best song win!

Author : John Stanton

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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