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SWEDEN : Eurovision Battle For the Christmas #1

Swedish Christmas #1. Photographs Courtesy of Wikipedia

Swedish Christmas #1. Photographs Courtesy of Wikipedia

I cannot believe that I am going to mention the “C” word – yes Christmas! If you are in Sweden and a Eurovision Fan then there is one almighty “Christmas Eurovision Battle” brewing!

Many of Sweden’s Eurovision stars will have Christmas offerings to fill your stocking or add to your Santa’s List. We have 3 in mind for all you Eurovision fans out there.

The obvious Christmas Cracker is Eurovision Winner Charlotte Perrelli who has on offer “Min BarndomsJul”. A 13 track album sung in both Swedish and English. Now we know that Sweden has some very progressive and liberal laws, but child labour must be a “no-no”! We jest – but Chalotte’s two sons sing on the album with her. Now that is what we call “real mentoring” unlike that on the X-Factor. The album goes on sale on November 20th and will be promoted by a 9 date tour of Sweden. This is Christmas Schlager Style.

If Charlotte doesn’t pop your cork then why not try this Christmas Stuffing from Sweden’s 1995 Eurovision representative Jan Johansen. Jan offers us his 12 track album “Min Jul” which, like Perrelli, is a mixture of Swedish and English songs. There are certainly some classic Christmas Songs on this album – “Driving Home For Christmas” and “Blue Christmas”. What more could you want? I’ll tell you! What about his 1995 Eurovision song “Se På Mig” performed in a Christmas style. Well that gives him the Eurovision edge for us over Charlotte.

Although not on the album we cam across this recording of Jan singing Wham’s “Last Christmas” – we just like the song and thought you should listen to it as we reach for another mince-pie! The video may just be blank but his vocals ain’t. Round 2 goes of Mr Johansen.

Now what do you like at Christmas? Me personally I like thinks all traditional. The full works at dinner and it is made even better if you don’t have to slave over the stove cooking it – did I say stove? Well all traditional for me please. So that is why I have a third option for your perfect smooch under that mistletoe.

Malena Ernman (Sweden 2010) proves why she is “La Voix” again, as she releases her Christmas stocking early for you with a 12 date tour of Sweden – sorry Charlotte – where she will be performing her Christmas Album live. ‘I Decembertid’ is the title of Malena’s album and it reunites her with producer Anders Hansson – of “La Voix Fame”. The album features a full orchestra and the amazing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – which isn’t a Christmas song but we will let this pass.

However there is more! Malena has made a series of interview videos to accompany the new album which show her in the studio and travelling around the stunning Swedish countryside – snow-covered of course.

Just like at Christmas time you think  – “I can’t take any more – no more food” – yet you still manage to take another chocolate or slice of cake. Well Malena is just that because you can order your CD now and have it signed by the singer herself. Sorry Charlotte and Jan but that is “Game, Set and Match Ernman”. If that special person in your life is a Malena fan – then you will be kept under that mistletoe for a considerably longer time than usual.

So which of these 3 Swedish Eurovision singers will beat off the competition for the coveted Christmas #1? Just 39 shopping days left to get your Swedish Christmas Cracker. Now where is my “Rage Against The Machine” Christmas #1 again?


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source ; Eurovision Ireland

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