Eurovision Finals 2013


A woman's face is painted to become a Black Pete in Soest in the Netherlands. Photograph: Bas Czerwinski/EPA

A woman’s face is painted to become a Black Pete in Soest in the Netherlands. Photograph: Bas Czerwinski/EPA

“DUTCH PEOPLE WE ARE MAKING FOOLS OF OURSELVES!” is the claim by one of the Netherlands Eurovision stars. Posted on her Facebook page today, came this call for action from her fellow Dutch citizens.

Anouk took to Facebook earlier today to state her views on the Dutch tradition of “Zwarte Piet” or “Black Pete”. She went on to say

“And not even one township wants to make a change. Shame On You! #BlackPeteNeedsToGo”

She accompanied her comments with an article from The Guardian entitled “Black Pete exposes the Netherlands’ problem with race”.

We were not familiar with this tradition of  “Zwarte Piet” so we took a closer look at the article that Anouk published – see here

We suggest you read the article for yourself.

It is no surprise that Anouk would have a strong opinion on this subject – as she has clearly shown her affinity with the African population in her recent single “Wigger” – see here – where found she had to defend her song choice.

Anouk is certainly not afraid of speaking her mind. Is she right in this case? We would certainly like to hear from our Dutch readers who know of this tradition. Do you agree with Anouk?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Anouk Facebook, The Guardian and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Even during Eurovision time, Anouk pulled off that drunken stunt, so I assume this is another one. & Actually Zwarte Piet in most of the legends actually was saved from a worse fate of actual slavery. Saved by St.Nicholas & given his life back, a job and is actually a payed employee, he’s changed and stuck with modern times.

  2. It’s blown all way out of proportion…
    Sinterklaas has always been a nice tradition for centuries, and it’s only meant to be fun for children, nothing more and nothing less. In the early days nobody connected it ever with discrimination or racism. It’s just the latest hype to do so now, and after the 6th of December it’s all forgotten again for a year…
    Furthermore I think that this topic shouldn’t spoil Eurovision fun.

    Greetings from a great Eurovision-fan (who always loved ‘Black Pete’ !)

  3. You shouldn’t take Anouk’s comments not so seriously. Most of the times she is bladdered or stoned. Sinterklaas is just one of those traditions that the saint of Mira brings presents to little children. And the saint gets help from Zwarte Piet (Black Pete). And the colour black is not his skin, but from going through chimneys to bring kids their presents. That’s why he’s black.

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