Eurovision Finals 2012

Switzerland : Sinplus Return With “Phoenix From The Ashes”

Sinplus - Phoenix From The Ashes. Photograph courtesy of Sinplus Facebook

Sinplus – Phoenix From The Ashes. Photograph courtesy of Sinplus Facebook

One of the biggest disappointments from Eurovision 2012 was the failure of Switzerland and the brothers from Sinplus to qualify for the Grand Final. They thoroughly deserved to have been in the final.

They return to the music scene with the aptly titled “Phoenix From The Ashes”. Another great song that has that American College Rock Band feel to it. They have stayed true to their roots and this is a guitar led rock song. It is very reminiscent of early U2. It is no surprise that the band’s music has a strong American rock influence to it, as Gabriel lived in San Diego for some years learning his music craft. This is clear on the sound and feel to “Phoenix From The Ashes”

Good lyrics and a more mid tempo song – you can picture this in a stadium being performed and the crowd loving it.  Sinplus were the “Band that Got Away in 2012” and we are glad to have them back.

Good to see that the guys are indeed “Unbreakable” like they were in 2012. Might we also mention that they are indeed looking the part of cool rockers! “Phoenix From The Ashes” is definitely worth a listen.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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