AUSTRIA : Is an Internal Song Selection for Conchita Wurst the best decision?

Conchita Wurst. Photograph courtesy of

Conchita Wurst. Photograph courtesy of

After the earlier news that Conchita Wurst was selected to represent Austria in Copenhagen 2014, we have now learned that ORF and Conchita will get together to select the song she will sing at Eurovision. This means that there will be no public selection for her entry.

The questions we have here at Eurovision Ireland is whether Conchita will have enough of an influence in the process in selecting a great song for her to present to Eurovision or whether ORF will dominate the process?

Also if Conchita has good enough influence, we feel that she should help to select a song that will appeal to the wider public voters and hopefully the juries too.

One challenge she may have to overcome is that some of the more conservative Eurovision Juries may not see her as a serious performer and more as a novelty act – which we here at Eurovision Ireland know she is not! However when given just 3 minutes to persuade the public and jury, would it have been more prudent for ORF to have included mass public opinion and a televote to select her song, as the Juries may not know how to score her as an act.

So what do you think of this situation and will we see a great song choice for Conchita next year? Will ORF allow Conchita to be as expressive as she likes to be or will they play it safe? Will Conchita have to fight harder for jury acceptance in certain parts of Europe than other acts? Should ORF have allowed the Public to have selected Conchita’s song as it maybe the televote that Conchita can appeal more easily to?

This is a tough call and we certainly want to see Conchita supported in her bid to bring Austria Eurovision success. We would like to hear your comments.

Author Andrew Main

Source ORF and Esctoday

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