MALTA : Changes to Eurovision 2014 Selection opens the door for former Winners

Malta at Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Malta at Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

We have longed for Malta to win the Eurovision song contest and they have come close on several occasions. In the search for their Eurovision representative in 2014 there will be some amendments tot he Maltese selection Process for 2014.

The Main rules for selection will be as follows

  • Anyone can participate except the winner of last year.
  • Composers and authors can be of any nationality, but the singer must be Maltese or of Maltese citizenship.
  • 20 songs will go to the semifinal of which 14 will make it to the final.
  • There will be 6 judges + televoting.
  • Submissions will be open till the end of October.
  • The first selection will take place by the end of November.
  • You can download all the Rules and Regulations for the Maltese Selection by emailing

The big change to the Maltese rules of selection is that any singer can can be anyone can enter except last year’s winner. This before stated that you could not take part if you had won the National Selection in the past 5 years.

This leaves the door open for Malta’s most successful singer at Eurovision – Chiara – as well as Thea Garrett, Glen Vella and Kurt Calleja  to make a return to the contest this year as opposed to waiting for 5 years to pass. Might they be tempted? We certainly hope so!

Malta this year was represented by the charming Gianluca and the song “Tomorrow” – you know that we loved it here at Eurovision Ireland. Gianluca successfully brought Malta to 8th place in the Grand Final of the contest.

The official PBS page will be updated this week but you will be able to follow all the submission details here

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and

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