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SWEDEN : Eric Saade to become a teacher

Eric Saade becomes a Partenr at the Scandinavian Dance Academy. Photograph courtesy of

Eric Saade becomes a partner at the Scandinavian Dance Academy. Photograph courtesy of

Sweden’s Eurovision Mr “Popular” – Eric Saade – is set to become a teacher.

It has been confirmed that Eric Saade is now one of the principle owners/partners of The Scandinavian Dance Academy in Stockholm. He has already adopted a very hands approach to the Academy and has mentored students (of all ages) at the School’s open days recently.

The Academy is very excited at having Eric as a partner of the school saying “Eric Saade will take the dance world to a whole new level. No dance school in Sweden can now match the quality and the potential that the SDA offers its students. Being a student of Eric Saade’s dance school is something you can be proud of. One day you’re a student at the school the next day to be on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans.”

Though not partners of the Academy – other Melodifestivalen singers – have performed at the School, like that of Anton Ewald.

So if you fancy reenacting a Eurovision dance routine, The “Dirty Dancing” lift or “Flashdance” – you could have Eric Saade as your teacher.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Scandinavian Dance Academy and Eurovision Ireland

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