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UK : Jade Ewen and the X-Factor

Jade Ewen - Uk Eurovision 2009 Representative. Photograph courtesy of

Jade Ewen – Uk Eurovision 2009 Representative. Photograph courtesy of

Following her 5th place success at Eurovision 2009, Jade Ewen joined the ever-changing line up of British band The Sugababes. However she was in two minds – and today admitted – that she almost auditioned for the UK X-Factor in the summer of 2009 following her time at Eurovision.

It was either Sugababes or X-Factor. “I’d be lying if I said that me doing Eurovision wasn’t with that (X-Factor) in mind,”she told Digital Spy. “After X-Factor all the record label executives were like, “The music industry has changed and you need a platform”.

After weighing up all the options  Jade “wasn’t sure if X-Factor was the right way of doing it for me personally. I feel like [X-Factor is] great for the general public, the people who have talent who wouldn’t necessarily have a platform to showcase what they could do. But, at the same time, it’s made it difficult for real artists to put out music.”

Hindsight as they say is 20/20 vision –  as the Sugababes were on the way down, just as Jade joined the band. Jade has broken her silence on the band saying “This is a tricky one because I don’t feel comfortable lying, saying we’re in the studio recording and we’re going to bring music out next year, which seems to be the favoured line. I think it’s unfair to fans and we should be honest.”

With the original of the Sugababes back together  –  Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan (MKS) – there was really no place left for the Jade and the girls to go – but their separate ways.

So the future is unclear for Jade Ewen now. With several Eurovision singers returning to the contest – and the BBC opting for internal selections – Eurovision 2014 should be something that Ewen should look to. Those bills need to be paid!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Digital Spy/Metro News and Eurovision Ireland

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