Eurovision Finals 2013

UKRAINE : New song release from Ani Lorak ““Take Paradise” (Забирай рай)

Ani Lorak - New Release "Take Paradise". Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Ani Lorak – New Release “Take Paradise”. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Ukrainian Eurovision Diva from 2008 – Ani Lorak – is certainly busy releasing a lot of new material this year. With “Orange Dreams” and the very sexy “Kindle The Heart” already released – the sultry singer has just released her new track “Take Paradise” (Забирай рай).

The song is a departure from what most people know of Lorak. This a pop/rock ballad and the video is not your typical Lorak flesh fest. It is very simple – her and a guitarist in a loft. No dancers, no visual effects – just her trade mark 10 inch high heels and a pair of jeans.

The song is composed by Catherine Gordon and the video was directed by Kate Tsarik – an all female production. With the release of the song this week, Lorak has announced 2 concert dates – October 19th – Sports Palace (KIEV) and October 27th – STATE KREMLIN PALACE (MOSCOW).


The song will be a departure for fans who know Lorak for her dance songs – but change is good – well so I have been told. A good song that after a few listens certainly grows on you. Is it “Shady Lady” – No. Is it good – “Yes”.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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