Eurovision Finals 2013

Eurovision “Friday Favorites” here at Eurovision Ireland

"Friday Favorites" at Eurovision Ireland. Photograph courtesy of Cadbury UK Google Plus

“Friday Favorites” at Eurovision Ireland. Photograph courtesy of Cadbury UK Google Plus

YAY – Our regular segment where we ask you to send in your favorite Eurovision and National Selection songs that put a smile on your face and give you that “Friday Feeling”  that sets you up for the weekend. You were a very busy bunch writing to us here at the site, telling us your songs that you wanted to see and hear – so here you go.

Ger – From Ireland

“The Irish entry that always makes me smile is ‘Wages of Love’ by Muriel Day from 1969. She really gave it wellie that year and although it’s certainly not the best song ever, I always enjoy the performance. A personal favourite doesn’t necessarily have to be a great song.”

Well we have to agree with you Ger – though we love the song too. Muriel gave it 200% in Madrid that year. We love it too as she was the first female performer from Ireland at Eurovision and the first Irish up tempo song too. And that dress!! How short was that. How did Muriel avoid a wardrobe malfunction too. This will get you going this Friday morning for sure.  For you Ger here is your “Friday Favorite”

Franck – From Germany

“For the beauty of the song and the her nice performance, “Lusitana paixao” by Dulce Pontes might be my favorite Portuguese entry ever. Each time I watch it on YouTube, it makes me feel like the first time i heard it, back on the day of the Eurovision final in 1991 (even if I was very angry at Amina’s being robbed) : Dulce had the best song to me, and I am still listening to it now, whereas I don’t especially listen to Amina’s (and almost never Carola’s).”

What a wonderful choice Franck. Portugal is a highly underrated country at Eurovision and this is a perfect example of that. Stunning song and performance and should have been much higher in the voting for certain. Especially for you Franck her is Dulce.

David Kiely

“For a funny performance I have to pick Verka Serduchka for the Ukraine in 2007 – pure brilliance . Very large contrast to Molitva but Verka in my eyes really won the contest despite Marija’s classiness,”

Now David this is a very popular choice from our readers and to be honest it was our favorite in 2007 too. We went looking for a good version of the song and we came across one of Verka and his Mother clubbing in Kiev. Now we warn you – this video is not for the faint hearted or those opposed to nudity. It is funny for sure and we love the conversation between Verka and his mother (probably an actress – but who cares) where she tells him he should have sung “Russia Goodbye” and not “Lasha Tumbai” – too funny. Hard to think that was used for Tourism in Kiev! So enjoy – but you have been warned!

Hope these blasts from the past get you ready for the weekend. Let us know what your “Friday Favorites” are and we will make sure to get you in the “Thank Crunchie It’s Friday” feeling. Mail us at our Facebook page or at and mark your mail “Friday Favorites”. Have a good weekend guys.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Ah the lovely Muriel Day…enough to brighten my Sunday morning. Thanks for posting the video Garrett. Great memories!

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