Eurovision Finals 2013

Is Spain about to return to “Idol” to select their Eurovision 2014 Representative?

Rosa Lopez - Spainish Eurovision Representative 2002. Photograph courtesy of

Rosa Lopez – Spanish Eurovision Representative 2002. Photograph courtesy of

Is Spain set to use their “Idol” show to select their Eurovision entrant for Eurovision 2014? This would be a return to the process that the country used in 2002, 2003 and 2004 where they managed to achieve 7th, 8th and 10th places respectively. After this process was dropped, so too has their fortunes at Eurovision except for 2012 when Pastora Soler came 10th.

Spanish Entertainment agency Cromosomax are claiming that TVE are considering returning to “Idol” as their vehicle for selecting their Eurovision entrant for 2014. The last series of “Idol” was shortened due to the lack of audience viewers. Other music shows like “The Voice” and “The Number One” are not setting audiences alight. Therefore it is being suggested that TVE may link “Eurovision” and “Idol” together again to boost viewing figures and hopefully Eurovision fortunes.

Could Spain be “Living a Celebration” again. We know that the Spanish fans are passionate about Eurovision and I think they would like to see a bigger platform for their Eurovision 2014 selection.

Source – Cromosomax

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