Eurovision 2014

Have Montenegro selected their Eurovision Artist for 2014 already?

Sergej Cetkovic could be representing Montenegro at Eurovision 2014. Photograph couurtesy of

Sergej Cetkovic could be representing Montenegro at Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Have Montenegro selected their Eurovision 2014 artist already? If so then this could be the earliest selection for Eurovision ever. Personally we are still trying to overcome our grief at Who See and Nina not making the final of Eurovision 2013 despite them ranking 4th in the Public vote in Semi Final 1.

So back to Montenegro 2014. Several media agencies have today alleged that the National Broadcaster RTCG have internally selected the male singer of Sergej Ćetković to try and bring Montenegro to the Eurovision Grand Final 2014.

So who is Sergej Ćetković?

Sergej was born in 1976 and made his first appearance in the music business as part of the Montenegrin group called Vatrena srca (Passionate hearts). He played piano and sang vocals.  He published his first CD called Kristina in December 2000 which became a huge success and saw the CD being taken up by the publishing company Goraton where it was distributed across the former Yougoslavia.

He has had 5 albums published plus a further 2 compilations. He is known for his ballads – one of the more notable ones being “Pogledi u tami”

Portal Analitika, Portal 24 and CDM, have all reported today that Sergej Ćetković has been selected to represent Montenegro at Eurovision 2014. RTCG have yet to conform this. How likely might this be? Well Montenegro have for the past 2 years sent rap/dub step Acts to Eurovision and have not qualified for either attempt. So maybe changing complete direction could be the route to the Grand Final for the country. Stay tuned for more information as we hear it.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Portal Analitika, Portal 24 and CDM

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  2. I would like Sergej to represent Montenegro and sing a ballad. He has some nice ones that I discovered a couple of years ago.
    It would really be a great choice.

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