Eurovision 2013

ESC Radio Eurovision 2013 Awards – You Decide

Voting in now open for the Annual ESC Radio Eurovision Awards – the 2013 Edition. Vote on-line now!

Eurovision Ireland

ESC Radio are hosting their annual Eurovision Awards for 2013. This is the chance where the public gets the chance to pick their winners in an on-line poll. You can vote on-line from June 10th to 16th in 4 categories.

The 4 categories that you have to vote in are as follows

  • Best Song 2013
  • Best Female 2013
  • Best Male 2013
  • Best Group 2013

This is the 7th year that the ESC Radio Awards are held. Past winners include, among others, Alexander Rybak (Norway), Anna Vissi (Greece), Loreen (Sweden), Dima Bilan (Russia), Eric Saade (Sweden) – all five of them in two categories -, Euroband, Yohanna (Iceland), Ani Lorak (Ukraine), Lena (Germany), Ott Lepland (Estonia),Magdi Rúzsa (Hungary) and Jedward (Ireland). So as you can see there is certainly scope for your favorite act to win – even if they didn’t win in Malmo

To see the full list of previous…

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