Eurovision Finals 2013

Romania : Cezar follows his Eurovision success with “Painful Love”

Romanian Eurovision 2013 Representative Cezar - returns with the new song "Painful Love" - Photograph courtesy of

Romanian Eurovision 2013 Representative Cezar – returns with the new song “Painful Love” – Photograph courtesy of

Cezar was always one of my favorite performers at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with his song “It’s My Life”. Well he is back with a new song – the haunting ballad “Painful Love”. This is completely different to his Eurovision song yet you cannot recognise him from the first few notes of the song.

According to the opera magazine “Das Opernglas”, Cezar is one of the foremost exponents of the countertenor voice of his generation and “Painful in Love” is an amazing example of his operatic abilities. One cannot help but be taken back to the mid 1990’s with the wonderful electro/ethnic band Enigma who gave us songs like “Sadness” and “Return to Innocence”.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of CatMusicOffice)

“Painful in Love” has a prominent piano chord running through the song. Tinged with slight gypsy chants and strong electronic beats, Cezar’s voice transitions between operatic and pop styles with ease. Haunting and no doubt will divide public opinion just like “It’s My Life” did, but for me personally this song is enigmatic yet accessible with strong hooks and chords that you cannot forget after a couple of listens.

Already a massive star in Romania and parts of the Balkans – expect to see more of Cezar in the future. Thank you Eurovision for bringing him to our attention. “Painful Love” never felt so exquisite.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Cezar the Voice Facebook

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