Eurovision Finals 2013

Chiara (Malta) – New Look and New Sound and WE “Love It”

Maltese Eurovision Star Chiara is back with a new song "My Zarbun". Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Maltese Eurovision Star Chiara is back with a new song “My Zarbun”. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Maltese songstress Chiara, is back on the musical scene with a new look and sound. Gone are the big ballads and dresses and in steps a slimmer and partly shaved headed Chiara with a belter of a dance track!

Known for being pipped to the post at Eurovision 1998 and 2005, where she finished 3rd and 2nd respectively and then another final performance in 2009, all 3 of Chiara’s songs were ballads. Now she is back with a hard-hitting dance track.

“My Zarbun” is a collaboration with Hadd Ghalik and with the opening lines of the song you know you are in for a female empowering anthem

“In My Zarbun I’m a Soldier in heels, The Queen of it all”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovisionfest)

Oh we hear you Sister!! An edgy new look and something you may not have been expecting from Chiara – she has been styled within an inch of her life by what looks like the Gok Won school of fashion – but we love it! Reinvention is the name of the game and this certainly wipes the cob webs off the old Chiara image. Her soft voice contrasts with the hard dance beats to create something worth listening to.

Is this a possible start of a Chiara campaign for Eurovision 2014? What do you think of her new sound?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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