Eurovision Finals 2013

Esma and Lozano speak out over false Homophobic Claims

Esma and Lozano of Macedonia sing their song Pred Da Se Razdeni (Before the Sunrise) during the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest at the Malmo Arena in Malmo, Sweden, Thursday, May  16, 2013. (Photo/Alastair Grant)

Esma and Lozano of Macedonia sing their song Pred Da Se Razdeni (Before the Sunrise) at Eurovision 2013 (Photo/Alastair Grant)

Having met the FYR Macedonian Team of Esma and Lozano in Malmo (whom were FABULOUS) – we were somewhat puzzled by the alleged homophobic claims made by Serbian tabloid newspaper “Kurir” earlier in the week saying that Esma had felt that the “gay lobby” had denied them a place in the Eurovision Grand Final. We here at Eurovision Ireland had even said in our article that we had personally found both singers to be extremely friendly – and we are “out” there (if you know what I mean).

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

Esma, Lozano and the Macedonian Delegation have been in contact with us here at Eurovision Ireland to set the record “straight” once and for all. The Macedonian Delegation have confirmed that the claims in the “Kurir” article were false stating

“The story published in the Serbian tabloid newspaper ‘Kurir’ is a complete fabrication.   On behalf of Esma, her management and the Macedonian Delegation for Eurovision, we strongly repudiate these falsehoods. Apart from an interview that will be published on this weekend, Esma has not given any other interviews to media since her return to Macedonia.”

One problem with that statement – “WE WANT TO SPEAK TO THE LOVELY ESMA & LOZANO TOO”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of TheMusic4TheWorld)

When the media story broke it came as a shock to Esma and the Macedonian Delegation

“Esma does not follow any of the Eurovision fan sites, Facebook, twitter, etc. and was most distressed when she was told this morning of this false story.  As a Romany she is particularly sensitive to the percussion of all minorities.  She 100% supports the gay community, and has a strong believe that everyone may live their lives as they choose.  Esma has many gay friends, whom she respects and supports.  Her own personal principles are that all people should be free to make their own choices so they can live free happy and fulfilled lives.”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Graham2019)
Esma as you may know, has worked tirelessly with those who have been disenfranchised in society all throughout her life and has been recognised with a Nobel Prize nomination. Such claims by the Serbian tabloid, as you can imagine, have deeply saddened both Esma and Lozano.

As for Lozano being afraid to attend Euroclub/Eurocafe – “I apologize Lozano as I think I almost knocked you over with my terrible dance moves at Euroclub” – the delegation have said

“As far as Lozano is concerned, I can personally confirm that he enjoyed many evenings in both Eruoclub and Eurocafe during his time in Malmo. He particularly enjoyed the Balkan Music Night and the Closing Party.  Again the comments written about him in the ‘Kurir’ newspaper are utter nonsense!”

(YouTube Video courtesy of wwwLozanocommk)

Having personally met Esma and Lozano in Malmo we can clearly say that the homophobic claims by “Kurir” were certainly not the experience that we had with the couple at Eurovision. What I will say though is that I lost out on the Eurovision Ireland Writers Prediction Prize – as I was certain they were going to qualify for the Grand Final. We certainly hope that the public get to know the real Esma and Lozano like we did in Malmo!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland and Macedonian Delegation

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