Eurovision 2013

Ireland Makes It Through to the Finals!


WE Got Through !!

Ireland is now set for the Finals Next weekend.

Thank you to our friends and family across Europe who have supported Ryan and his act this far with their precious votes today!

We are also SHOCKED that Lithuania are through and none of the Balkan countries made it! Shock!!

Oour happiest reaction ( apart from Ryan Making the Grade)? Watching Netherlands make it to the Eurovision Finals for the first time since 2004.

So much more to say.. But guess what? It’s been a crazy day and we predict a crazier night ahead. We’ll let you digest the good news for now and CELEBRATE!

…stay tuned for our thoughts tomorrow after we’ve had at least 2 double espressos..

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  1. Ireland did a great job with their song BUT…there is a definite weakness in the camerawork and lighting. The dancers need more coverage when backing up Ryan, there is no pick-up of their moves and they stand behind him silhouetted in the dark. Great coverage with the drums but can definitely improve. I also guess it’s too late to change the graphics but why not use what was in the video. Again it’s dark and quite amateurish. Definitely not justice of a great song and performance and will probably loose us a few placings at the final. So much effort has gone into this song but whomever is directing the camera and stage delivery is cutting us a bit short.

  2. Finally got in. What a fun evening. Well I didn’t see Belgium coming to the party but he did an extremely good performance in the end and I enjoyed it well done Mr Bellarosa. Lithuania was also a surprise and am not sure it deserves its place but well done to them both. I got 8/10 not bad considering. With Serbia, I went for the bookies odds at over 80% to qualify and I should have followed my gut instinct, they were as dreadful as I thought they would be. Croatia wasn’t what I expected at all from the reports, rather lack lustre. Sad to see Austria out after a reasonable effort. Well done Ireland, a fab result and a truly competent and confident performance in all, it worked. It was great. Absolutely loved Moldova, this has risen hugely in my estimation and will move up my rankings. Russia anmd Denamark were very good.So happy for Netherlands. Belarus shouldn’t be in the final but I just knew it would make it. Estonia was okay too. Still not mad on Ukraine, Zlata looked great though and sang well but the song is not doing it for me. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening overall with great company. I like the smaller stage too, it all looked very good. Petra was a great host, loved her humour. Dawn was a giggle too. Loved the whole production Roll on Thursday for semi final two.. 🙂

  3. Guys amazing coverage this year, I hope to be over there next year :)… I’ll have my CV ready 🙂

    By the way, did some twitter research.

    Sweden – Twitter Trends:

    Germany – Twitter Trend:

    Greece Twitter Trend:

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