Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Slovenia – Hannah’s forst Dress Rehearsal

Hannah - Slovenia Eurovision 2013 - First Dress Rehearsal. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Hannah – Slovenia Eurovision 2013 – First Dress Rehearsal. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Hannah takes to the stage with her song “Straight into love” and expectation was high as this semi final needs a boost of adrenaline. Hannah is joined by 3 strapping male dancers – they are strapping as their costumes has that pseudo bondage feel to it. 2 female backing singers are just off the stage.

All on stage are dressed in skin tight black lycra and have black leather fish scales attached to their costumes. Finding Nemo just got an 18 rating! The thing we were always worried about was how would Hannah’s live vocals be – and unfortunately we were right to have those concerns, as in parts her vocals are either off key of shrill.

However this is the first opportunity that the Eurovision viewer has the chance to dance and bust a move or two, so I am almost willing to forgive some of the questionable vocals. Hannah and the dancers are slick and work the stage well so kudos for that, They are the first act today to have done so. There were a few moments when the dancers involved in back flips almost went “Straight into the floor and opposed to love”

The performance was much like a Kylie tribute act – where you say that dance move is from “Can’t get you out of my mind” or “The Loco-Motion”. It seems that the most used backdrop colour – or the only one in use – is blue.

On the positive we are awake after Hannah’s performance – not sure if it is the dance beat of the shrill vocals but we are there. Despite the moments of being off key – I would like to see this qualify as it has woken up the press room.

PS – The ridiculous cardboard cut-outs are still dotted around the stage – but Slovenia have had the good sense not to feature them like Estonia did!

Author/Website co-founder and editor in chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Aw, I like this song but she seems to struggle with some of the notes. Still time to fix things I hope. Will get the arena moving.

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