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Shay Healy slams Eurovision Phone Voting and The Voice of Ireland Result

Irish Winning Eurovision Somg Writer - Shay Healy. Photograph courtesy of

Irish Winning Eurovision Somg Writer – Shay Healy. Photograph courtesy of

Shay Healy – Eurovision winning song writer 1980 and Irish Eurosong Mentor 2013 – has come out saying that RTE should have ensured that 19-year-old “Mother to be” Kelly Mongan – should have won the Voice of Ireland last Sunday. The final of the contest was between Mongan – a 19-year-old girl from the Travelling Community – and eventual winner Keith Hanley – a special needs teacher – both from Cork.

“The perfect ending to the Voice Of Ireland was the Traveller girl winning it, so they (RTE) should have engineered it whatever way they needed to make sure that was the story.” Shay was commenting in an interview with Irish Publication “The Herald”. He went on to say “They can slant it whatever they want, but you can’t tell me that the result wasn’t doctored a bit after audiences being urged to vote with campaigns and all of that.”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Euroencyclopedic)

“Phone voting is democracy gone mad, somebody should stop it. It’s not a measurement of talent really.” Healy is best known for having written “What’s Another Year”, the song which gave Johnny Logan his first Eurovision Song Contest win for Ireland in 1980.

This year he mentored the Turkish/Irish group Inchequin at the Irish National Selection. Asked if he will look at the Eurovision this year he responded  “I watch it on the television but it’s very much a changed animal, the phone voting is ruining it.”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Inchequin)

Shay Healy along with 5 songwriters and composers – Paul Brady, Phil Coulter, Pete St John, Ray Harman and Jimmy MacCarthy as well as Shay – were honored for their contribution to Irish music at a ceremony in Dublin’s Conrad Hotel last night as they were inducted into the IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation).

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  1. Time for shay to realize the world has changed! As for fixing the result of the voice well what can I say maybe we should just let him decide the ending of all tv shows, sports matches, elections so we can have a fairytale ending all the time!

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