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OGAE Switzerland cast their Eurovision Votes

OGAE Switzerland cast their votes for Eurovision 2013 Votes

OGAE Switzerland cast their votes for Eurovision 2013 Votes

OGAE Switzerland (The Official Eurovision Fan Club) have cast their votes. What country have they predicted to be the winner of Eurovision 2013?

OGAE Switzerland

1 Points – The Netherlands

2 Points – Germany

3 Points – Russia

4 Points – Ukraine

5 Points – San Marino

6 Points – Iceland

7 Points – United Kingdom

8 Points – Italy

10 Points – Norway

12 Points – Denmark


Denmark continue their running streak of 12 points but it is encouraging to see Iceland score well with the Swiss OGAE fan club. As my 7 year old niece calls it “Eggy Leaf” we have the haunting ballad from Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson – “Ég á Líf”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)


The OGAE Top 10 

Including the Maltese Jury that has yet to be published the OGAE Top 10 is as follows

  1. Denmark – 212 Points
  2. San Marino – 159 Points
  3. Norway – 154 Points
  4. Germany – 102 Points
  5. Italy – 99 Points
  6. United Kingdom – 84 Points
  7. The Netherlands – 77 Points
  8. Ukraine  – 72 Points
  9. Russia – 53 Points
  10. Sweden – 50 Points 

Again in our attempt to highlight countries still awaiting their first set of OGAE points. This time we will look to Slovenia who have a dance club track from Hannah – “Straight into Love”.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – OGAE and Eurovision Irleand


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