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Ryan Dolan in Amsterdam at “Eurovision In Concert”

Ryan Dolan - Irish Representative at Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Ryan Dolan – Irish Representative at Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Last Weekend saw the highly successful “Eurovision In Concert” show take place in Amsterdam. Ireland’s 2013 Eurovision Representative Ryan Dolan was in attendance. Thanks to our friends at ESCKAZ we have an interview that Ryan gave to their team plus a video of his performance where Ryan and Team mixed a little “Riverdance” into the “Only Love Survives”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of EurovisionKZ)

Ryan talks of his plans for his Eurovision performance in Malmowhere he competes in Semi Final 1. He also speaks of the encouragement he has received from Linda Martin. What song does Ryan like in this year’s contest? 

Ryan mentions his campaign to re-edit his video for “Only Love Survives” for everyone across Europe. Remember you have the chance to be in his video and be seen by millions of people. In case you missed the details here is our article on how you can be in Ryan’s video.

As for Ryan’s performance in Amsterdam – Well judge for yourself. Ryan and his dancers had the crowd dancing and cheering – that speaks volumes.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of 111jvr111)

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – ESCKaz and Eurovision Ireland)


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  1. Hmmm, sorry but a lot of work needs to be done on this am afraid. It’s quite amateurish. He seems to struggle with some of the high notes and the dancer/drummers are messy (ditch the naff ‘Riverdance’ bit.) Hoping the backing vocalists are not too prominent either (they were awful in Eurosong) Overall, I’m disappointed and what’s with not singing in the interview? (I’m too shy’) Seriously, what’s that all about? You’re going to be singing in front of millions, get a grip! As for the crowd, they were probably inebriated. Still love the song but this needs to improve big time imo.

    • Slightly harsh Martin. That’s easily the best vocal performance of OLS we’ve seen from Ryan this year.

      Agree that the two girls should be kept down in the soundmix and should not be singing the chorus with him. From what I understand though, the Malmo performance will go back to lots of drumming with no Irish dancing.

      • Fair enough maybe I was being a tad harsh Ron, I just want the best possible presentation for our entry and I just didn’t think much of this, not bad but not great either. No doubt there will be a lot of hard work spent on the performance in the coming weeks as Ryan said and I look forward to seeing it on the Malmo stage. I do of course wish him the best of luck and hope to see him in the final.

        • I’d be hopeful Stuart O’Connor will put together a strong and innovatative stage show for Malmo, Martin. It’s the type of entry that is perfect for a big stage and a big arena (and perhaps has an advantage over quite a few other entries this year on that score). The good news is that Ryan’s vocals appear to be improving with each passing performance and he’s hitting all the big notes. I would by no means rule this one out as some sort of a contender this year as it’s a great song.

    • Really??? How about Denmark etc..they didn’t even show up at the concert..Denmark is by FAR the most overrated song this year and she hasn’t got the best voice and obviously the river dance won’t be there they only have 3 mins….Ireland also gave one of the best performances at the concert..NOT San Marino or Ukraine

  2. Great performance by Ryan, that’s the best live version of the song we’ve heard from him so far.

    He seems to be improving with each performance he gives which is very encouraging for his prospects in Malmo.

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