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Norway regretting their Eurovision choice for 2013?

Adelen Runner up at Melodi Grand Prix in Norway 2013 with the song "Bombo"

Adelen Runner up at Melodi Grand Prix in Norway 2013 with the song “Bombo”

If the Norwegian music charts are an indication of how popular their Eurovision entry is now, several weeks after selection, then Margaret Berger should be worried! Adelen was the runner-up at Melodi Grand Prix this year with the infectious song “Bombo” and is currently number 1 in the Norwegian charts. What makes this even more impressive is that “I Feed you my Love” by winner Margaret Berger is not to be found in the Top 10 at all.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of AdelenVevo)

Once MGP was played out Margaret was number 1 for a few weeks but Adelen was number 2 at the same time. Where as “I Feed You My Love” has fallen off the charts “Bombo” is number 1 on the overall charts – and not just the download charts.

Is this the Norwegian public looking back at their decision in February with regret? With Summer desperately trying to break through this eternal winter – could “Bombo” have been the ray of sunshine that Norway could have offered Eurovision 2013? Can you explain how Adelen is winning the sales chart battle in Norway by a considerable amount over “I Feed You My Love”?


(YouTube Video Courtesy of Macho Records)

Authour/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

(Photograph courtesy of Youtube and MGP)

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  1. Thank God Norway did not go for this song! We did poorly in the competition both in 2007, 2011 and 2012 with songs of “etnic” origin though not Norwegian ethnic … I did love both our 2011 and 2012 entry and believe they both deserved way better results, but thats Eurovision. It seems like countries who are true to their ethnicity and at the same time have catchy songs fare better than others and that even though catchy, it the song is not native-ethnic it will fare poorly. Since Adelen did a really poor vocal performance in the MGP as well I doubt we would even have qualified for the final with this song. Back in 2010 the 4th place in the MGP -selection became one of the biggest hits OVERALL on the Norwegian charts, but the live performance of the artist was horrible and it would have not have been the best choice for ESC2010, though still a better choice than what we DID end up with that year… haha.

  2. I thought Bombo was better too but honestly you gotta take into consideration the singer/interpreter as well. Eurovision isn’t just about the song anymore. Its about the performances and stage as well. Adelen still needs more experience in singing because she was shaky during Norwegian NF.

  3. I think your next article should be: Ireland regretting their Eurovision choice for 2013? At least you’ll be writing with some authority then.

      • My point was: You can’t just make an assumption based on the popular ratings between songs that any country, whether this is Norway or any other country, is regretting their entry. The only thing you can conclude from that is that the other song was more popular at that moment than the entry song. To conclude from that, that that country is regretting their entry song is a big leap in your thought process. Regret is a strong word and feeling. You have no real proof to even make such an assumption. No offense intended.

        • I think we posed the question Evelyn. For us it was very interesting that the song in second place was far out selling the winner just 2 weeks after being selected. It was also very interesting to see that in Malmo at Euroclub and Eurocafe that more people requested Bombo than Feed you My Love – both songs we loved. No offense taken or given – Thanks

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