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Russia is in a “Kumbaya” mood despite allegations

Dina Garipova – The Voice of Russia Winner – who represents Russia at Eurovision 2013 has begun to shoot her video for “What If” according to Heat.Ru. In the Maly Theater in Moscow – Dina is joined by 500 Muscovites that represent ” people of different nationalities, religions and attitudes.” The article goes on to interestingly state that “while all around Garipova there has rained accusations of plagiarism, no question of changing the composition for the competition yet.”

The plagiarism allegations have come on the back of this YouTube video that has been circulating in may forms across Europe where 3 songs are referenced. Have a look for yourself and see what you think?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of M Chart)

To see the behind the scenes of the video shoot just follow the link here

Russia will perform in the first Semi final at Eurovision 2013 and to date they have qualified every year from the Semi Finals for the Grand Final. Will Dina continue this tradition?  Let us know. 

Source – Heat.RU ( Photograph Courtesy of Heat.RU) and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Okay there are some similarities but I don’t think it’s plagiarism. many songs sound similar these days (Ireland’s Eddie Friel’s Dreamin’ was a complete rip-off of Moonlight by Julie Felix and Mickey Joe Harte’s We Got The World Tonight’s chorus was a dead ringer of Fly On The Wings Of Love) Even Cascada’s entry is being compared to Euphoria. It’s all a tad ridiculous imo. I quite like the Russian entry but am starting to get fed up with the saturation of Swedish songs in national finals. It needs to stop. Then we may get more diverse entries.

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