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(RESULT) Hungary says “BYE” to Eurovision 2013

Hungary Winner

Tonight the Jury and Public disagreed completely in the final of A-Dal (The Hungarian National Final). 8 Songs competed in the final where the jury selected 4 Acts to progress to the Super final where Public Voting would decide who would represent Hungary at Eurovision 2013.

The 4 songs that the jury selected were as follows

András Kállay-Saunders (46 points)

Gigi Radics (44 points)

Tamás Vastag (22 points)

ByeAlex (16 points)

The voting lines were opened and in a reversal of fortune the overwhelming public favorite was ByeAlex with his song “Kedvesem”


(YouTube Video Courtesy of alapmtva)

Kedvesem is composed by Alex Márta and Zoltán Palásti Kovács

ByeAlex will now represent Hungary at Eurovision 2013. 

Source – A-Dal and Eurovision Ireland

(Photograph courtesy of


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  1. A wonderful entry. This is a pleasant and sweet little ditty. So simple and unpretentious, well done Hungary a fine choice.

  2. Truly boring !
    the Hungarian selection had many many good songs that were eliminated prematurely, and we ended with that !!!!

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