(RESULT) Armenia selects “Lonely Planet” – Video Updated

Gor Sujyan was internally selected to be the Armenian representative at Eurovision 2013 but tonight a 50/50 Jury/Public vote decided which of 4 songs Gor and his band Dorians will perform in Sweden.

There were 4 songs on offer and they were as follows

The show’s interval act had Eurovision representatives Gianluca Bezzina (Malta 2013), and Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani (Georgia 2013) performing their entries for Sweden.

After the votes were counted the wining song was “Lonely Planet”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of NetherlandsEsc)

It is a mid tempo soft rock song and will mark Armenia’s return to Eurovision after their absence last year.

Source Public TV Company of Armenia and Eurovision Ireland

(Photograph courtesy of

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  1. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah))))))) “Lonely Planet” I love it)))))) go Armenia, go Dorians, go Gor Sujyan, Eurovision 2014 Yerevan, yeaaah)))))) ❤

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