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Eurosong Final – First Look at Zoe, Ryan and Aimee on stage!


(Photograph Courtesy of RTE)

Today has seen the rehearsals for the Irish Eurosong Final that is taking place tomorrow evening on the Late Late Show on RTE 1. We have been very fortunate to get some wonderful pictures of the acts in rehearsals courtesy of Mr Paul G Sheridan of RTE. As you can see the acts are getting into their stride.

The first 3 acts up this afternoon were Zoe, Ryan and Aimee. Kasey will be up this evening and Inchequin tomorrow morning at 11am.


Zoe is up and she and the team are dressed in Stunning Black and Gold like that of her song “Fire”. This is a striking look that matches the energy of the song. Could Gold be the color that they are going for tomorrow in the results?

Zoe Eurosong

(Photograph Courtesy of Paul G Sheridan)


Blue and Black are the colors here. You can see the large drum in the background that will be used in the performance – we actually have news on the percussionist that Ryan is using in his performance of “Only Love Survives”. The drummer that Ryan has is Nicky Bailey from Wexford. Nicky is one of Ireland’s top drummers/percussionists. He is the founder of the group “Extreme Rhythm” who backed Kelly Clarkson of American Idol fame. We also know that Ryan will have his 2 male backing dancers joining him on stage.

Ryan Eurosong

(Photograph Courtesy of Paul G Sheridan)


Last up for this post is Aimee who will be performing “Crashing Down”. A soft and elegant look has been chosen for her performance. It appears to be a star light effect in the background which complements her simple ballad. She is accompanied by 3 female backing singers to her left. Not sure if the costumes will be the same. We shall see later.

Aimee Eurosong

(Photograph courtesy of Paul G Sheridan)

So as you can see Zoe, Ryan and Aimee have taken to the stage. Kasey is up after the break at 7.30pm (GMT) and Inchequin will be on stage tomorrow morning for 11am.

The Eurosong Final will take place tomorrow evening on the Late Late Show on RTE 1. We will post the web link for the show tomorrow for you too. The winner will be selected by a 50/50 jury and public vote. There will be 5 Juries – Cork, Limerick, Galway, Dundalk and Dublin and this will then be followed by the equally weighted public vote. Interval act will be courtesy of 2006 Eurovision winners “Lordi” from Finland. This is going to be the best Eurosong Final in many a year. So make sure to tune in.

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Photographs courtesy of Mr Paul G Sheridan of RTE

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