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Israel – Second Semi Final Songs now on line for Kdam 2013


(Photograph Courtesy of IBA)

The second set of songs in the Israeli National Selection are now on-line for you to listen to 

The songs competing in the second semi final on February 27th are as follows

  • Soulkey (Arik Forman & Itzik Kreif) – Livin’ one time 
  • The Ultras – Happy birthday 
  • Vladi Blayberg – New day 
  • Haia Samir – Am I happy or am I sad 
  • Hen Cohen – Halev mevakesh 
  • Yarden Tzur – Replace you 
  • Moran Mazuz – Give me a sign 
  • Roni Silver – Belibi 
  • Ran Sandler – Find a way 
  • Sarit Avitan – Mon amour 

You can listen to the songs following the official link below,7340,L-4347231,00.html

There will be 3 semi finals and a second chance round culminating in the Grand final of 10 songs on March 7th

Israel are seeking to return to the Eurovision final since their last appearance in 2010.

Source – Eurovision Ireland and IBA

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