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EXCLUSIVE : Accapella Eurosong Rehearsal filmed today with Zoe Alexis

Zoe and Crystal Ice Street Rockers

(Zoe with the Crystal Ice Street Rockers Dance Group / Zoe Facebook)

A Eurovision Ireland Exclusive. Today we were very excited to see one of this year’s Eurosong finalists perform an accapella version of their song for this Friday’s final and we have the video footage of the full performance.

Yes we had the pleasure to see Zoe perform her song “Fire” in the rehearsal studios today. She was performing with her 2 backing dancers and 3 Eurosong backing vocalists – Donna McCaul, Nikki Kavanagh and Claire O’Loughlin. They gave an amazing accapella version of “Fire” for all their supporters and to let them see the hard work they have been putting into rehearsals.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ZoeAlexisOfficial)

As you can see the hard work at the rehearsals are certainly paying off. Zoe continues her rehearsals in Dublin this week in advance of Friday’s Eurosong final where she will perform “Fire” composed by Lauren White, Willie Weeks and Niall Mooney who is also her mentor. Zoe as we speak is on Radio International giving an interview to her supporters on-line. We will bring you that interview tomorrow if you missed it. 

Tell us what you think of Zoe’s performance of fire? Can it win Eurosong and Eurovision?

Author/Website Founder and Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I think it’s between Zoe Alexis and Ryan Dolan. I can’t help but feel that the four solo performers lack experience but Zoe sounds really good in this. I think that her song stands out a bit better than Ryans.

  2. This is excellent. If they can perform like this accapella, then the live performance with the music will be even better. Really impressed ladies, keep it up. Fire gets My Vote 😉

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