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“Oh Lordi” -Eurosong Final Interval Act


(Phpotograph Courtesy of Last.FM)

Last year at Eurosong 2012, Lordi were the rumoured special guests at the Irish Final. Instead we were treated to Martin Sheen and Brotherhood of man. Well it seems that according to our friends at, the Finnish “crooners” will be the special guests at Eurosong 2013. It will be very interesting to get their personal views on our 5 acts and see whom takes their fancy – if that is safe.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of

Lordi romped home to victory at the 2006 Eurovision song contest in Athens and gave Finland their first victory at Eurovision. Can their good fortune rub off on our Eurosong finalists? Time will see. Tune into the Eurosong Final on the Late Late Show this Friday February 22nd at 9.30(GMT) on RTE 1 to see who will follow in the footsteps of Jedward.

Source – Eurovision Ireland and

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