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Ireland : Linda Martin takes matters and “RYAN DOLAN” into her hands – VIDEO


(Photograph Courtesy of Patrick Mooney)

Linda Martin supported Ryan Dolan last night for Eurosong 2013 when she accompanied him to “The George” for an evening of promotion. Yes that is Linda above looking amazing as always – and no that is not Ryan to her right. That is the Dublin Legend Miss Shirley Temple Bar – who hosts the weekly Bingo/Entertainment show in “The George” pub/nightclub in Dublin. If you have never been to the Sunday event then you should go. Amazing!

Linda and Shirley took it upon themselves to give Ryan a make over in advance of the Eurosong Final – well it was more of a make under as poor Ryan was half stripped and scissors taken to his shirt in the attempt to give him a “rougher more macho image”. Ryan took it all in good jest – kisses and all – but we do hope that he gets a new t-shirt before Friday though.

Here is a video of Linda supporting Ryan for Eurosong along with her and Shirley Temple Bar “getting to grips” with Ryan

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Patrick Mooney)

We will have Ryan’s performance on a post later today for you – so you will have to just come back again.


Source Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Errrr… Am I the only one who thought Linda was the drag queen when first seeing the clip? Took me a good two minutes to realise my mistake! She’s getting more like Cher every time I see her 🙂

  2. I’m not being funny but it’s like a bleeding Panto!! Linda me me me! Well you made a balls of it last year so we won’t be lending our support to Ryan. Jesus wept like a little Panto pudding. That is actually horrific. Not only is the song crap ya have a dated oulone backin the fella?! OH YES SHE DID OH NO SHE DIDN’T!! Ryan has NO STAR QUALITY IM AFRAID TO SAY. I’m in the george every week and also can pick a handful of ppl who is better looking and a better singer too. NEXT!

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