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Ireland : Live Video of Zoe performing “Fire” and her on “Spin 103FM Radio”


(Photograph Courtesy of Zoe Alexis Official Facebook)

Zoe as we speak is continuing her Eurosong rehearsals in Dublin today in advance of the Irish final this Friday. Yesterday Zoe had a busy day as she was on Ireland’s Spin 103 Radio Station. One never really knows what it must be like to hear your song on the radio as you are in the studio? Well Zoe knows that feeling now as you can see

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Spin 1038!)

As Zoe told you in the video, she will be singing the song “Fire” which is composed by Lauren White, Niall Mooney and Willie Weeks in the Eurosong Final. We have started to receive many fan video’s for Zoe here at our site so here is one that we liked.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Nickeyxxx)

Zoe also performed at “The George” in Dublin last night to rave reviews. The support for her was huge and even her parents came along to support their girl. Check her our performing live.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Patrick Mooney)

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Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Vocals are a bit dodgy here, which is a pity because Zoe seems a really confident and charismatic performer.

    Then again, the sound and acoustics at this venue may not be great, and we don’t know how this will sound with backing singers so perhaps it’s best to reserve judgement until the night of Eurosong.

    • Hmm…I have to admit that her vocals do worry me a bit and have done every time I’ve listened to the recording of “Fire.” I was hoping it was just me being picky but obviously not…

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