Ireland 2013 : “Crashing Down” by Aimée Marguerite Fitzpatrick – Official Video


(Photograph courtesy of

Eurosong finalist Aimée Marguerite Fitzpatrick has released her official video to accompany her song “Crashing Down”. Amy is the youngest of the Eurosong finalists, but at the age of 17 she experienced beyond her years.

Her song “Crashing Down” is composed by Robert Grace and Aimée is mentored by DJ and Music Producer Mark McCabe.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ReligionMusic)

As Aimee is performing the only ballad in this Eurosong final that will make it unique on the night.

Tell us what you think of Aimee’s song? Can she win Eurosong?

Source Eurovision Ireland

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  1. She has a great song, great voice. She should win. It will do very well at eurovision, it’s different and simple unlike the rest which are not bad either but very similar,,,

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